Shipping delays to Asia

New notice 02/03/2020

We are once again experiencing long shipping delays to China, South Korea and The Philippines. I am not sure if this is linked to the Corona-virus or some other issue? Our post office is not communicating with us and the tracking numbers they provide are often not working. Expected traveling time is currently 8 to 10 weeks but we have a few customers who have been waiting even longer then this! So it is pretty bad!

We are now experimenting sending seeds to Asia via the United Kingdom and this seems to be working, but it does make it more expensive obviously. We will keep you informed.



August 2019. My address has been giving me lots of problems over the last 5 to 6 weeks and if you have send me an email during this period I have most probably not received it. 

Sorting out this problem has been a headache and customer support from Vodacom has pretty much been non-existent, so I have decided to switch, and am now using

My new e-mail address therefore is : 

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.