Q: What is the currency that you use on the website?

A: Everything is in $ USD (American dollars)


Q:  What is the cost of shipping?

A:  There is a flat rate of $12.00 irrespective of the size of your order. 


Q: How long does it take to for you to ship the seeds?

A: We do not manage to ship as fast as some other seed sellers do (good seeds take time!!) but I can assure you that we certainly try!  But generally you will have to be patient and be prepared to wait at least 10 to 20 days for us the get your order ready for despatch


Q: When is the next update?

A: We don't set specific dates or times for updates.  We add new packets or new items whenever we get the chance to harvest, clean and count.  


Q: Where do your seeds come from?

A: All our seeds are produced on our own mother-plants, grown at the farm in Barrydale. We do not buy seeds from other vendors.


Q: Who runs Cape Succulent Seeds?

A: Cape Succulent Seeds is a small company run by me (Etwin Aslander) and my wife (Pauleen Aslander)  Pauleen does most of the counting, packing and posting. Myself, I am the grower/producer and also do most of of the extracting/cleaning of the seeds. Although Cape Succulent Seeds is still a very young company (we have been going for just over 2 years now) I have been involved with succulents for about 30 years, through an outlet called "Selecta Succulents" which is still around but no longer managed by myself.


Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes, currently the minimum order is $20.00.


Q: Why are your Conophytum seeds always sold out?

A: Unfortunately the demand for Conophytum seeds is currently so high that there is just now way for us to keep up with the demand. This results in items being sold out almost immediately upon listing them. There is really not much I can do about it, but I suspect and hope this situation will normalize itself in time to come when the Asian market slows down and the "fashion trend" starts to wear off.


Q: Are you on social media, where can we follow you and keep up to date?

A: Cape Succulent Seeds has an Instagram account where we post pictures on a  regular basis (capesucculentseeds) In my private capacity I also run a facebook page called: Aslander's botanical photography which is mostly used for showcasing pictures of succulents photographed in habitat.