Aloinopsis rosulata (Knoetze Station)

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Aloinopsis rosulata (Knoetze Station, Willowmore district) ex Gerhard Marx.

Dark Blue/Grey, rounded leaves, flat on the ground. Large taproot

One of the best forms of A. rosulata. This form gets quite big, easily filling a 12 or 15cm. pot. The plant can be raised to show of the bulky roots if so desired. I prefer growing them the natural way with the leaves flat on the ground.

Best sown at temperatures between 16 - 28 *Celsius.  Seeds take between 6 - 70 days to germinate (depending on conditions) Aloinopsis germination can be staggered sometimes, meaning not all seeds germinate at the same time but rather in batches. Temperature variation and moisture levels play a big role in this.