Tylecodon walichii

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Big portions of 5000 seeds on sale till the end of July 2024

Winter grower from South Africa's Namaqualand and Karoo regions.

Sheds it's leaves during the hot summer months.

Yellow flowers during summer, while the plant is leafless.

Best sown at temperatures between 16 - 26 *Celsius.  Seeds take between 6 - 30 days to germinate (depending on conditions) For best results sow late summer / early autumn.

Seeds are extremely fine (like dust) and care must be taken not to cover the seeds with too much soil. Seeds supplied is an estimated quantity, you are likely to receive extra's! (too cumbersome to count because of its size and shape)

The seeds offered here are collected in nature and are fresh.  For best results the seeds should be sown within 6 months after purchase.