Lithops aucampiae -mix

Lithops aucampiae -mix

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A big and fast growing Lithops species, ideally suited for large scale commercial production.

This mixture includes different types of Lithops aucampiae such as: var. koelemanii - kuruman form - Rudesheim locality - Danielskuil locality - Postmasburg locality etc.

Coulours range from rusty brown, chocolate brown, red-brown, orange-brown and toffee colour.  There are no green aucampiaes in this mix.

Best sown at temperatures between 20- 30 *Celsius  Seeds take between 5 - 30 days to germinate depending on conditions.

Lithops seeds are very fine, care must be taken not to plant the seeds too deep, only a very thin layer of fine soil or sand is required to cover the seeds. All our Lithops seeds are produced on hand-pollinated mother-plants on our farm in Barrydale.  Seeds are tested before they are being offered for sale.


We ship worldwide but please be sure that the seeds are legal in your country. We will not accept any claims in case the seeds are confiscated by your local authorities.